Spence E Cast Iron Main Valve Regulator


Spence Engineering's Cast Iron principal valve is the single seat, normally closed, E Main Valve.  These regulators to allow the pilot to detect downstream pressure changes and quickly adjust steam flow to meet demand.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 450 ° F
Lead-Free: No
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 yr
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0 ° F
Outlet Gender: Female
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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs


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Max Pressure Adjustment

Standard, 75%, 50%



Part Numbers

E‐C1E1A1, E‐C1F1A1, E‐C1G1A1, E‐C1H1A1, E‐C2H1A1, E‐C1J1A1, E‐C1J1A7, E‐C1J1B1, E‐C2J1A1, E‐C1K1A1, E‐C1K1A7, E‐C1K1B1, E‐C1K1C1, E‐C2K1A1, E‐C2K1B1, E‐C1L1A1, E‐C1L1B1, E‐C2L1A1, E‐C2L1B1, E‐C1M1A1, E‐C1M1B1, E‐C2M1A1, E‐C2M1B1, E‐C1N1A1, E‐C2N1A1, E‐C2N1B1, E‐C1P1A1, E‐C2P1A1, E‐C1E3A1, E‐C2E3A1, E‐C1F3A1, E‐C1G3A1, E‐C1G3A7, E‐C1H3A1, E‐C1J3A1, E‐C1J3A7, E‐C1J3B1, E‐C2J3A1, E‐C1K3A1, E‐C1K3A7, E‐C1K3B1, E‐C1K3C1, E‐C2K3A1, E‐C2K3B1, E‐C1L3A1, E‐C1L3B1, E‐C1L3C1, E‐C2L3A1, E‐C2L3B1, E‐C2L3C1, E‐C1M3A1, E‐C1M3B1, E‐C2M3A1, E‐C2M3B1, E‐C1N3A1, E‐C1N3B1, E‐C2N3A1, E‐C1P3A1, E‐C2P3A1, E‐C1B9A1, E‐C2B9A1, E‐C1C9A1, E‐C1C9B1, E‐C2C9A1, E‐C1D9A1, E‐C1D9A7, E‐C1D9B1, E‐C2D9A1, E‐C1E9A1, E‐C1E9A7, E‐C1E9B1, E‐C2E9A1, E‐C1F9A1, E‐C1F9A7, E‐C1F9C1, E‐C2F9A1, E‐C2F9C1, E‐C1G9A1, E‐C1G9A7, E‐C2G9A1, E‐C1H9A1, E‐C1H9A7, E‐C1H9B1, E‐C2H9A1, E‐C2H9B1, E‐C2H9C1




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