Spirax Sarco UBP32 Universal Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Trap


For use with Universal Connectors

The welded stainless steel element is self-adjusting over the entire operating pressure range and will discharge condensate at approximately 22 F (12 C) below saturated steam temperature. The element is resistant to waterhammer. The connector can be installed in either horizontal or vertical piping, and the trap is easily removed without disturbing the pipework.

– Trap Construction: Stainless Steel, Tamper proof body
– Trap Options: Subcooling capsule filling or Near to steam capsule filling
– Connector: Sizes ½”, ¾”, 1”
– Connector Connections: NPT, SW
– Connector Construction: Straight or strainer type (left or right hand). Stainless steel or cast steel
– Connector Options: SW connections to ANSI B16.11 – Carbon steel – USTSII trap station

Limiting Operating Conditions
Max. Operating Pressure (PMO) – 464 psig (32 barg)
Max. Operating Temp – 572 F (300 C) at 450 psig (31 barg)

Pressure Shell Design Conditions
PMA (Max. allowable pressure)
720 psig/up to 100 F 50 barg/up to 38 C
450 psig/459 F 31 barg/237 C
400 pgig/752 F 27 barg/426 C
TMA (Max. allowable temperature)
752F / 0-400 psig 400 C / 0-27 barg

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