Spirax Sarco UIB Series Universal Inverted Bucket Steam Traps


For Use With Universal Connectors

The trap contains an inverted bucket mechanism which responds to the difference in density between steam and condensate. The discharge action is cyclic. Condensate and non-condensibles are discharged close to steam temperature. The UIB is designed to maintain the bucket in the proper plane by means of a swivel connector. The trap is easily replaced without disturbing the piping connections.

Limiting Operating Conditions
Max. Operating Pressure (PMO)
UIB30/8 – 58 psig (4 barg)
UIB30H/10 – 72 psig (5 barg)
UIB30/7, UIB30H/8 – 123 psig (8.5 barg)
UIB30/6 – 174 psig (12 barg)
UIB30/5, UIB30H/6 – 290 psig (20 barg)
UIB30/4, UIB30H/5 – 435 psig (30 barg)

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