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Control Systems for PRV Steam Stations

Do electronic beat pneumatic pressure reduction valves?

Historically control systems of choice for a facilities main steam pressure reducing stations have been full pneumatic or “air” configurations, in part due to the …

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Large Leslie Pressure Reduction Valve refurbished

Refurbished Valve saves 50% off new and 8 weeks lead time

Another Large Leslie Pressure Reduction Valve refurbished and ready to return to customer in NYC. This refurbished valve saved the customer 50% versus new and …

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Kevin Arcuri shows why Warren beats the Competition

Warren Controls Pressure Reduction Valve a Clear Favorite

Industry expert Kevin Arcuri explains why Warren Controls product beat the competition.

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Steam Pressure Troubleshooting Guide

Steam Pressure Troubleshooting Guide

Want to learn general troubleshooting guidelines for steam reducing stations? Read the PDF from our team. Download the PDF

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Fehlinger can Repair Your Valve - watch this test

Fehlinger can repair your valve – watch this test

We stock parts to repair or refurbish many top steam pressure valves. Watch this test to see us at work.

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Skidmore Glycol Side Stream Feed Units

Glycol and Side Stream Feed Units

Simplex and duplex glycol feed systems designed to provide automated makeup for closed loop systems. 55 and 100 gallon polyethylene tanks with graduated capacity scale, …

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