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Do electronic beat pneumatic pressure reduction valves?

Control Systems for PRV Steam Stations

Historically control systems of choice for a facilities main steam pressure-reducing stations have been full pneumatic or “air” configurations, in part due to the practical benefits over other available systems. Air operated systems offered quicker response, high cycle life, and positive fail safe positioning. Pneumatic systems are often referred to as being “bullet proof” due to long-life expectancy and rugged durability in severe service conditions. However, following advancements in electronic control integration and increasingly competitive prices, digital controls packages have now become a viable substitute the pneumatic incumbent.

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Glycol and Side Stream Feed Units

Skidmore Glycol Side Stream Feed Units

Simplex and duplex glycol feed systems designed to provide automated makeup for closed loop systems. 55 and 100 gallon polyethylene tanks with graduated capacity scale, removable cover, Nema 4x control panel factory wired and mounted on a powder coated structural steel stand.

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